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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112517836061511263174639125Matthew MorrisMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 14 1Mentone
282767257151126317474282Alex C HayMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 32 1Parkdale
3791783606151126317464279Matthew MorrisMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 15 1Old Mentonians
471901237151126317463271Brad KrugerMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 12 1St Brigid's/St Louis
5661313874151126317475066*Joe Smith-ButlerMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 34 2Bonbeach
66517677151126317476165*Zane GooldMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 37 1Carnegie
7631081832151126334096763*Sean DarvellMurrumbeena (Silver)2019/2020Under 13 Sunday - Lester Giminez Shield5 1Maccabi AJAX (Raiders)
8601677529151126322188260*Deepak PrasadMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside One-Day Division 1 (Sat)7 1Brighton District
9591783606151126322629859*Matthew MorrisMurrumbeena2019/2020CSB T20 Competition2 1Carnegie
10591081832151126334096359Sean DarvellMurrumbeena (Silver)2019/2020Under 13 Sunday - Lester Giminez Shield4 1Maccabi AJAX (Giants)
1153767257151126317464253Alex C HayMurrumbeena2019/2020Cricket Southern Bayside Division 15 1Old Mentonians
12511064588151126334251251*Ishaan DesaiMurrumbeena (Blue)2019/2020Under 15B (turf) Alan Taylor Shield2 1Brighton District (Blue)
13501204479151126333019750*Fergus HawkinsMurrumbeena (Maroon)2019/2020Under 15B Friday - Ray Cleary Shield3 1Toorak-Prahran (Blue)
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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